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We aim to provide you with with the most individualized and personal service you need. Feel free to write in to us to let us know you require!  

Free Intro Lesson

A 15 minutes introduction lesson that acts similarly to a trial lesson. We will briefly discuss your goals and any prior musical experiences. If time permits, we can also work through a song of your choice. 

This is the time to ask if you have any questions on how to get started on voice lessons. Drop us a message and I look forward to hearing from you!


Little Prodigy Lessons

Little Prodigy are for children below the age of 12. They will not only be learning how to use their instrument in a healthy way, but will also be learning to appreciate the many different genres of music. Singing lessons will help boost their self-confidence and on top of that, learn the complexities of self-expression. 

As we believe in having a well-rounded education, we will also be including fundamental musicianship training and theoretical knowledge. 


Voice Lessons

You will learn the fundamental techniques of singing: voice projection, tone production, breath control, etc. Additionally, we will develop musicianship skills such as ear training, sight singing to become a well-rounded musician. 


Musicians for Special Events

Musicians for Hire 

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